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Carbon dioxide measurement

CO2 measurement with a new NDIR sensor

In principle there are different possibilities of CO2 measurement. Different CO2 sensors are used, such as semiconductor sensors, electrochemical sensors or infrared sensors. Infrared sensors operate according to the one or two-beam principle. We chose two-beam infrared sensors because they measure specifically and very accurately.

However, the NDIR sensors available on the market several years ago were too expensive and too maintenance-intensive.

Therefore we developed a separate NDIR sensor for the CO2 measurement by ourselves. It is now patented and manufactured by us. We do not use CO2 sensors for our CO2 meters.


Measuring principle of the CO2 meter

The CO2 sensor basically functions as a two-beam photometer (NDIR = non dispersive infrared). The second measuring beam serves as an internal reference. The changes caused by temperature fluctuations, material aging and soiling are thus eliminated. The measured value does not drift. Re-calibrations are not necessary in normal applications.


New analysis for CO2 measurement

The analysis and processing of the measurement signals occurs according to a new digital algorithm. As a result, the measured values are much more accurate and more stable. Here we used our many years of experience in the field of O2 measurement.


New type of materials

This measurement allows the use of other materials. As a result, the infrared carbon dioxide measuring system (also: carbon dioxide detector, carbon dioxide meter) is significantly less expensive than conventional systems.

In the case of the infrared carbon dioxide measuring systems, the absolute carbon dioxide content is determined directly in the gas mixture to be measured. As a result, the CO2 measurement is independent of the composition of the gas to be measured.

The measuring method is based on a dynamic process and is linear over a measuring range of 0 to 100% by volume of carbon dioxide.

Various standard measuring ranges are available.

The carbon dioxide measuring system (also: carbon dioxide detector, carbon dioxide measuring instrument) constantly monitors itself.

It is compact and easy to handle.