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Control systems

With our control systems, simple or complex gas detection systems can be configured. They consist of distributed or integrated sensor systems with alarm analysis and alarm signal. Significantly are, the numerous configuration possibilities, high reliability and extensive security features. In addition, all our control systems have a data logger function.


GWZ S4.1 100x100

Limit Monitors GWZ-S2.1 / GWZ-S4.1
The freely programmable, self-regulating limit monitors are used for indicating the concentration of gases and vapors.
When exceeding or falling below a certain threshold, an alarm is triggered.
The compact limit monitors have a plastic housing for wall mounting. It is designed for connection of max. 4 probes up to 4 different gases

see limit monitors

GWZ TS6.1 100x100

Limit Monitors GWZ-TS4.2 / GWZ-TS6.1
To our limit monitor up to six sensors / gases, acoustic and visual warning systems, as well as downstream functions (e.g. fans) can be connected. By individually configurable alarms and relay outputs complex monitoring tasks can be built safely and reliably.
The compact limit monitors have a plastic housing for DIN rail mounting (TS35).

see limit monitors