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Gas detector

Our gas measuring systems are gas detectors. Why don´t we call them like this?

This is quite simple: the gas detector is a concept for all kinds of devices that measure gases and vapors. Also the very favorable in the hardware stores are so called. We want to distinguish ourselves from these products. Finally, our devices can do much more:

  • A gas sensor measures the gas concentration in atmospheric air.
  • It transmits the sensor signals to an integrated transmitter.

This transmitter prepares the measuring signals. This is more complicated than it initially looks. Finally, the raw signals of the sensor must be converted into reliable analog or digital signals. This includes, for example, linearization of the raw signal, temperature compensation, etc. This preparation must also be safe.

Last but not least, the "packaging" is appropriate. The housing must fit to the application. Thus, there are explosion-proof versions according to ATEX 100a, plastic and metal housings, as well as particularly robust devices, e.g. for industrial composting.

Gas detector is not the same as a gas detector, and we make sure that our gas measuring systems fit the highest demands.