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Oxygen control reduces fuel consumption


Oxygen control
Effective environmental protection is unthinkable without effective environmental analysis. An important position takes on a measurement of the oxygen content. Thus, the development and dissemination of modern oxygen measurement technology is closely linked to the growing importance of environmental protection. By oxygen control in combustion plants to energy consumption and emissions can be significantly limited. Our fail-safe oxygen probes make an important contribution.


Dynamic measurement

Dynamic measurement of oxygen
We developed and produced more than two decades oxygen measurement systems that enable accurate oxygen measurements in a wide concentration range. Our oxygen sensors have as its centerpiece a dynamic oxygen sensor based on zirconium dioxide. To explain the measurement principle please read the article oxygen measurement in our knowledge base.


Oxygen sensor

At our oxygen sensors the measurement signal output exists of two independent channels. The output signal of the analog channel is linear and between 4 and 20 mA (alternatively 0.1 to 10 V). The digital channel is a pulse-length modulated alternating signal (High-Phase 5 V, Low-Phase 0 V). The length of the low-phase is a degree of the oxygen concentration and can be calculated using a downstream device. With the monitoring of both channels a fail-safe operation without the second probe is possible.

Additionally, our sensors are designed so that their proper function can be checked during operation. A regular functional testing can be implemented by wiring the integrated test pins.


Our products:

MF OXY 100x100

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The measuring systems of the product family MF-Oxy determine the concentration of oxygen in air mixture, by using a specific dynamic zirconium dioxide sensor. We offer versions with different probe lengths and temperature ranges.
Application: Process control (in situ) e.g. furnaces exhaust temperature up to +350°C
Measuring ranges: 0.1 - 25 vol%
0.1 - 100 vol%
MF010-O-LC (Flex)
MF010-O-LC (Flex)

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The measuring systems MF010-O-LC (Flex) is the flexible version of the MF010-O-LC. Means: Due to the flexible connection between probe and evaluation electronics extensive mounting possibilities are given. We offer versions with different measuring ranges and output signals.
Application: Process control (in situ) e.g. furnaces exhaust temperature up to +250°C
Measuring ranges: 0.1 - 25 vol%
0.1 - 100 vol%