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Chlorine (Cl2)

For our measurement sensor for determining the concentration of chlorine, we offer the following calibration gases.

Zero gas This gas is needed for the calibration of the zero point.
Standard test gas The standard test gas is required for calibration / adjustment of the sensor with a two-point calibration. The concentration value corresponds to 70% to 100% of the full scale value of the probe.
Alarm test gas The alarm test gas is required to verify the alarm levels.


Select the measuring range of your probe:


0 - 10 ppm

Measuring range
of the probe
GasUsageBottle filling volume (Liter)
34 l58 l110 l
0 - 10 ppm Synthetic air Zero gas Z0A0-L1373 Z0A0-M1373 Z0A0-N1373
10 ppm Chlorine in N2 Standard test gas Z0A0-R0403 Z0A0-S0403 Z0A0-T0403
5 ppm Chlorine in N2 Alarm test gas Z0A0-R0401 Z0A0-S0401 Z0A0-T0401